Jokkmokks Marknad 2012 part 2

I returned to the marknad on the Friday.  It was a very cold day with a temperature of -38 degrees c.  I had not been there long when I started noticing people with what I first thought was zinc oxide cream on their noses, but it was in fact people showing the early stages of frostbite.  Later in the day I met a German girl who’s nose and cheeks were completely white, but when I suggested she needed to go somewhere warm or seek medical treatment, she just laughed and walked away!!

I did not spend much time looking around the marknad because I had no money, but I did watch the reindeer racing

Just after I took this next picture,

the reindeer on the right ran into the reindeer on the left and then kicked the guy laying on the ackja in the face.

To stop the reindeer when they have raced around the circuit a rope is put across, and when the reindeer and ackja run into the rope, the Sámi grab the rope and hold on as they get dragged behind the reindeer, until they stop running.

On Friday evening I attended a Joik concert by Anja Storelv and her band.

It was a great evening with some really good music

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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