Canada Goose Sverige…..warning/varning!!!

I was looking for a down jacket for Teres on the internet when I found a site called who I believed were having a sale and had some good deals on down jackets including a Fjallraven.  With a name like Canada Goose I believed this to be a reputable site and with such a good price on the jackets, we ordered two.

Teres had some problems with the payment system, and unsure if both payments had been accepted she emailed the company in Swedish.  It was only when they replied that my suspicions were aroused and they replied in English and with a lot of Chinese writing in the email.  The email address they use is

We immediately contacted them again saying we wished to cancel both orders, but after a few days we received a reply saying the items had already been dispatched (the dispatch date on the parcels when they arrived were in fact 5 days after we had emailed).

The jackets are actually quite good copies as you can see;

they even have the plastic sachet showing the quality of down used

but the amount of down insulation in the jacket is significantly less that in the real thing and so although the label states to -35, I wouldn’t want to use it below about -5!!

The quality of stitching is also not good with the lining stitched into the out jacket

The key feature that convinced me that this is a fake jacket was the washing label which is only in English and Swedish (the real Fjallraven labels have washing instructions in many languages)

The company wanted pictures to show what was wrong with the jackets  (which I provided) and then blamed the Delivery company EMS to delivering the wrong jackets and are refusing to allow us to return the jackets or get our money back.

I contacted Canada Goose by email about the company but they did not respond and Fjallraven are aware of this company trading in Sweden.  I’m convinced this jacket is made in the same factory as Fjallraven clothing is produced but unfortunately there not much more I can do to get my money back.

Please circulate this information to others via your blogs and website so others do not make the same mistake!!!!


9 thoughts on “Canada Goose Sverige…..warning/varning!!!

  1. If you paid by credit card (or paypal), you should be able to get your money back through them – tell you them you were tricked into buying counterfeit goods.

    • Hi Paul, I thought I could get my money back, but the bank who issued the card say it is not possible with goods bought from China.

  2. That sounds like a cop out to me, unless it’s a debit card in which case you don’t have the same protection and you’re really at the mercy of the bank 😦 If it’s a credit card, try making a complaint directly to visa/mastercard/amex – they tend to take a dim view of counterfeit/misrepresented goods being sold online.

  3. I would write a letter of complaint to the bank, asking for your money back. The website is designed to look like it is in Sweden, you acted in good faith and they have committed a fraud. According to the Swedish Consumer Credit Act you should be able to make the same claim against the person has given the credit, as for the one you have purchased the item from.

    • Thanks for your comments guys. I is not clear on the VISA website what you should do in such circumstances, but I have emailed them now and we will see if they respond and what they have to say.

  4. You should call your credit card company, and file a dispute, claiming that you received a knock-off/counterfeit item. You may also be able to file a dispute on the credit card website. Credit cards offer you protection against things such as this.

    • Here is part of the response from VISA “Please be informed that although Visa would love to help in this matter, we cannot, since, we do not have contracts with merchants or cardholders, it is our Member banks and financial institutions that have contracts with merchants and cardholders. The bank which recruits suppliers willing to accept a Visa cards is referred to as “merchant acquirer”. “

  5. Was searching for an original handmade Lapp knife, when I came across your inspirational blog. Too bad you didn’t know about the ligitamate “Canada-Goose” Web Site. They have a whole page devoted to counterfeit merchandise and visual pictures on how to SPOT an imitation.

  6. How did it go? Did you get your money back? I would suggest you google “section 75” “Consumer credit act 1974”.

    Regardless where you made your purchase your credit card issuer MUST proceed with a chargeback. Push, don’t just talk with a clerk / teller, talk with the credit card specialist personally (not in a small branch, rather in the main office or headquarters) and do not accept talking to a clerk or someone who will do the “intermediary’s” job.

    If the bank is acting like this, I must say they are totally and colloquially “screwing you” around here.

    Go to a store, show proof, ask for an authenticity proof and get it written as a document, go with this to your bank, print emails with the Chinese sellers, show the website, etc.

    If the bank does not want to cooperate, talk to your bank’s or the national bank ombudsman in your country… You must get your money back like this.

    Let me know how all went and best of my lucks to you.

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