Swedish Fire Torch

This weekend we shall have Emma’s 6th birthday party and we have decided to have the party outside so that the children can ski and cook food over a fire.  Inspired by Ben’s post on his blog “2 The North”.  I decided to do some “Swedish Fire Torches” to cook food on.  I have used the fire torch before and was sure I had written about it on here, but having searched I cannot find anything.

Traditionally it is made by making two cross-cuts into a spruce or pine log

Then fire is made on the top and the fire will then burn down the inside of the log, drawing in air via the cuts. A kettle can then be placed on top to cook coffee.

There are a couple of rules that I recommend to follow;

  1. Ensure the log is at least the same diameter as your cooking pot (otherwise the log can burn down before the water has cooked)
  2. Ensure the four quarters are the same size (otherwise the smallest quarter will burn too fast).

I also did and experiment with four individual pieces of Birch pushed into the snow with a gap between each piece.

I was rather sceptical that this would work so well, but it did!

It burned much better than the pine log I had used the previous day.

This time, as well as cooking coffee I also made fried bannock bread.

The ingredients in my bannock were; flour, salt, water, honey, cheese and marmite.

I am thinking to also cook popcorn on Saturday.



10 thoughts on “Swedish Fire Torch

  1. Wow, I’m so glad that I could inspire you 😉

    And thank you for having the link in your post.

    Give Emma our congratulations. We wish her all the best and a great birthday party.

    Ben & Nicôle

  2. Nice one Kevin.

    I have used the last method with the split Birch and agree that it works well (I do not have a chainsaw to do the first method).

    I came across it researching how the Finnish army operated during the Second World War when fighting the Soviets and this method (slightly different with one split and a green stick wedged in the split) came up.

    However the name I have heard being used for the last few years has been the ‘Swedish Candle’ by various bushy types.


  3. We had a Scout camp recently where we got the Scouts to cook squirrel stew. They all collected armfuls of birch and ash wood and we(the leaders) collected one spuce log. They had roaring fires that were too hot to cook on for a long time. We had a Swedish torch and a bubbling pot of squirrel stew in no time!

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