My last day at Solberget Vildmarksbyn

After three months, Sunday was my final day working at Solberget Vildmarksbyn.

During my final day we had 12 travel agents from Austria visiting to try some of the activities, so after feeding the reindeer

my job was to demonstrate firelighting techniques

I have made this tinder board to help people learn some items they can use to make fire

We also had a local Sámi man who talked to them about his life as a reindeer herder

It had been -18 degrees the previous night and there were some beautiful ice crystal formations (like millions of bird feathers) around the fresh water spring.

We also had a Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) returning from its wintering grounds further south, which for many people here signifies the arrival of spring.

We finished the day in a large tent in the forest with cake, biscuits and coffee



4 thoughts on “My last day at Solberget Vildmarksbyn

  1. Gosh gorgeous photos. I’m a lichenologist who will be speaking at a conservation-themed conference in a couple weeks. Would you be willing to let me use your reindeer-eating-lichen photo in my presentation?

    • Hi Sarah, as long as the picture has “Kevin Warrington Natural Lore” in your presentation, you can use it :>)

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