More health problems!!!

Just returned from a one week visit to England, but wasn’t able to do much because I have a dislocated pelvis and slipped disc!! :<(

Not allowed to do anything for one week and if things are not improved, it will be a trip to the hospital.


8 thoughts on “More health problems!!!

  1. Ohh! I can imagine the pain as i have back problems. I hope things ease into some sort of painfree functioning for you. My father slipped his disc in his 40s and i’ll never forget the shout of pain from him as a kid. He was a steel erector. I am an ex hodcarrier then bricklayer who has had to surrender my job due to back and RSI in my arms problems and the inquest is ongoing as to specific diagnosis. I wish you well. Dave.

    • Thanks very much Dave. It’s really getting to me just laying on my back and not being able to do things.

  2. Oh that’s a bugger. Start of your busy period too?
    Take your time and give it a chance to settle. Hope you’re fit and well soon.

  3. went through something similar after falling off the house one winter. It taught me humility, patience and focus. Got in a lot of reading I’d been putting off. Hope your down time is positive 4 u

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