It will be a late spring

While I can’t get out and about, I thought I would write a little about the weather and the season.

Last year by now a lot of the snow had melted and there was much open ground, and many summer migrant birds were returning.

This year; in early March the first migrants bird species to appear was Redpoll, then Greenfinch and after Greenfinch Chaffinch arrived.

During the second half of March the weather was relatively warm and the snow was melting, but then in early April and especially during Easter the weather turned colder with temperatures at night dropping as low as -20.  This made the snow surface very hard and easy to walk around on, but for predators such as owls and foxes, these conditions are not good, because the voles that live under the snow and they really on for food were now inaccessible due to the hard surface.

After Easter there came more snow and yesterday (Saturday) we had 10cms during the day.  On Friday I had seen a pair of Common Cranes flying over the house and I suspect they are regretting returning here just now.  Brown Bears that have been marked with GPS collars in this area are also awake now and out of their dens.

I am hoping that my back injury will be much improved by the time the weather improves and more summer migrants start to arrive.


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