Signal fire

It is snowing again today and the temperature is 0 degrees with a cold north wind!  Spring is going to be very late this year.

Recently I demonstrated an emergency signal fire to a group from Austria.  It was only a small version but still worked very well.  This type of fire is used to help emergency services locate your position from the air.

Firstly I dug a hole in the snow and then laid two pieces of Birch across the hole.  Across the two lengths of Birch I laid a large amount of small, dry, dead Spruce branches.

Over theses dead branches I thatched a thick layer of fresh, green Spruce branches.

Finally I pushed dried grass and Birch bark up underneath the pile as a fuse to light the fire.  Once the grass was lighted, smoke began to appear very quickly

Soon there was thick smoke bellowing out

Unfortunately at this point the battery ran out in my camera, but here is a picture of a larger version made in Canada 2006.


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