Winter has returned

Yesterday I wrote that it was snowing, and it continued to snow all day.  In the evening a heavy snow storm arrived and there was also a very strong wind.

This morning we have 20cms of snow and it looks like a typical winter day again.

The authorities is Stockholm impose a date of 15 April when everyone must change from winter to summer tyres on cars.  Of course that’s fine further south, because their snow disappears by early April, but 12000kms further north we can have snow until June, yet the police here  still impose the same date and many people last week were fined for not having changed to summer tyres.  Now we cannot drive with summer tyres again, but if we change to winter tyres, we will be fined.

This is one crazy rule here in Sweden that needs to be changed.  I wonder how many people up here are injured or killed each year because of this regulation?!!


6 thoughts on “Winter has returned

  1. Hi, I’m a french forum member “Nature et survie” so I would like tell them about you and your blog. So I ask you are you Ok for that ? I just need your authorization
    Have a good time


  2. 1200km not 12000km 😉 12000 km north of stockholm you end up in siberia.
    I live ca 450km south of you at the cost, I changed the 14th, no snow and what happened, it snowed the day after.
    Remember, you can keep your winter tires if the condition demands it so you could use them to midsummer 🙂

    I just found your blog, now I have some reading to do…

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