A visit to A&E

On Monday I was at work building a set of steps up to a “grillplats” (translated it’s a place where people can make fire and sit around).

I have to take things steady because of the recent problems I’ve been having, as I worked I suddenly had unbearable pain all the way down my left leg.  So much so that I could not move.  I telephoned a friend (thanks Marie) who  came to try and help me, but we decided it was better to ring for an ambulance.

After an hour and twenty minutes of having to stand up and not move, the ambulance finally arrived and with a high dose of morphine I was put into the ambulance and driven 50kms to Gallivare hospital.

They could not find the cause of the problem and with a pack of morphine tablets I was sent home the same evening.

Today (Wednesday) I am going back to the hospital for an x-ray and really hope that they find the cause of my pain.

It’s typical that when I finally get a full-time job, I’m unable to work!!


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