The Nattavaara Boat Race

I do not need crutches to get around now, but I am still in  a lot of pain and when I cannot get out and about I have little to blog about unfortunately.  It’s typical that after almost two and a half years without a full-time job, I then get a full-time job but am unable to work!!

Anyway, last week was Sweden’s National Day celebrations and here in Nattavaara i had promised to run an activity for children.  The The celebrations take place beside a large stream so I decided to run a boat race.  At the start of the competition each boat would be dropped from a bridge on to the water.

Each child was given a plastic bag containing the same items; two sheets of card, 5 elastic bands, 8 corks, 4 serviettes, 1 long thick kebab stick (pointed at both ends), 6 thin kebab sticks and 4 30cm long pieces of dental floss

I built a boat using only the materials provided to give them an idea of what could be done (I added a parachute to help control the decent of the boat when dropped from the bridge)

Each child had to work together with a parent to build a boat

The parents were just as enthusiastic as the children!!

At 2pm everyone gathered on the bridge and then released their boats

Unfortunately all the boats tipped over due to the water current which made it difficult to see whose boat was whose (each child had written their name on the sail of their boat).  The finish line was 100 metres down stream and I stood there with a pair of binoculars to establish which boat won.  Fortunately there was enough of the boat showing above water to see who won.


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