Back on crutches

It is now almost three months since I first hurt my back (Easter weekend).  The doctors and physiotherapists insist I do not have a slipped or ruptured disk and it is muscle cramp that is giving me so much pain.  I have only had a standard x-ray and have asked several times for a MRI scan without success.  I am now on the strongest pain killer available and it is not helping at all.  Once again I have to move around on crutches.

I have a variety of exercises I must do everyday to stretch my muscles, but this results in more and more pain until the pain is just unbearable.  I cannot remember the last time I slept for more than 2 – 3 hours.

Tomorrow I am back at the doctors and will now insist that I have an MRI scan.  We shall see what happens and it could be a while before I blog again.

In the mean time I wanted to show a video of a birch bark container I have recently made, but WordPress will no longer allow me to post videos…..managed to solve the problem now with “gigya” coding!!

The top and bottom are made from Sallow root bur.


5 thoughts on “Back on crutches

  1. Just read back on your original post and it sounds like sciatica to me as the pain seems to affect you leg and back.. It affected me badly with similar pain for 3-4 months.

  2. Hi Kevin, if you want some help with your back give me a call. I have a lot of experience now after I slipped my disks in the lower back 10 years ago. I was then 4 years going like a old man of 80 with a lot of pain. I didnt get any help from the swedish hospitals. I then moved to help myself and learned a lot about pain and how to exercise your back in the right way.

    If you do it wrong you actually harm yourself more than its right. The training I got from the sjukgymnast was a bad one and made it worse. I hope and believe that your guys know more about it now. The stuff I have to teach you needs a contact on the phone. Its too much to write about. I did onces, years ago a teaching with pictures on the BushcraftUK forum. I dont know if you can find it. Anyhow call me if you like.

    Abbe Osram Kramfors

    • I forgot to tell you that there is hope. I am hundred percent free from pain and fully flexible again. But I have to do my exercises .

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