Slipped disk

I have spent four days in hospital but am home now.  The MRI scan confirmed that I have a slipped disk!!

I have been saying for weeks that it was a slipped disk but the doctors and physiotherapist would not listen and it really annoys me that I could have probably been much better now if they had!!!

Just now they are trying to fix the problem with tablets and physio, but if that does not work they may have to operate, but they are concerned about significant nerve damage if they operate!

Teres has now been made redundant and we do not know when or if I will be able start my job so we have some difficult times ahead unfortunately.


7 thoughts on “Slipped disk

  1. Kevin,

    Although we will likely never meet, I pray for you when I read your blog. I can’t imagine how difficult this injury must be to cope with when you are obviously a lover of the outdoors and physical activity. I pray that God will heal you or give you the strength to endure this hardship. I pray that your character is refined and made more resilient through this experience. I pray also for your relationship with your family, as when one of you suffer the whole family does also.



  2. Sounds familiar to me. Doctors are stubborn people. I have about the same problems but they follow the standard procedures. Good luck and very much strength.

  3. Hi Kevin
    I really sympathise with you having just gone through the same thing myself. I also had trapped the sciatic nerve which gave excruciating pain in my bum, leg and foot. The doctors were hopeless and just gave me strong painkillers which didn’t really work – like you I had trouble getting them to send me for a scan. I went to see an osteopath which gave some relief but was expensive. Eventually I was referred to an NHS physiotherapist who was by chance a qualified acupuncturist – that really did the trick and I feel good now although I can no longer stand on one leg for long periods pumping my lathe which is a shame.
    Looking back now the Winter & Spring were a deep, dark teatime of the soul for me but I feel as if I have finally emerged back into the light. Time is the best healer here…
    Be kind to yourself.

  4. Hi Kevin, read what I wrote to you in the post before this one here. Dont get an operation! Call me I can help you with important info! Cheers Abbe Osram

    • Thanks for all the information and advice, but for me I am sure the operation was the best thing.

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