Much has happened

Hello everyone!

I was still in so much pain that on Tuesday 26th June Teres drove me back to Gällivare A&E.  AS we were driving to Gällivare I received a telephone call from the specialist hospital in Sunderby near Lulea, saying that they had just seen my MRI scans and that I was a priority one patient and must get to Sunderby as a soon as possible to be operated on.  Sunderby is three hours drive away and we explained that we were on the way to Gällivare A&E, so transport from Gällivare to Sunderby was arranged by the hospitals for the following morning.

When I arrived at Sunderby I was met by the doctor who would do my operation and he showed me my scans, explained that I had two slipped disks; one that had ruptured and one that was pressing on a nerve.  He said I was very lucky that during the last three months the nerve had not been severely damaged.

They could not understand why Gallivare had waited so long before doing an MRI scan and referring me to Sunderby. They were even more concerned that for one month I had been given exercises to do by the physiotherapist that could have resulted in nerve damage!!

My operation was planned for the same evening (Wednesday) but due to an emergency it had to wait until 7am the next morning.

The operation went very well and I came home yesterday.  The doctors were very pleased that I have complete feeling and use of my left leg again and the only pain I have is of course in the area where they operated.

I had taken some pieces of leather and my leather sewing kit with me so I had something to do while in hospital

I will put up a picture of the completed bag soon.


8 thoughts on “Much has happened

  1. It’s good to hear you’re doing better. I look forward to your posts here, and hope you can get back on the trails soon!

  2. Had the same surgery and I feel your pain. Hopefully things will heal well and I wish you all the best. Cheers, Jeff

  3. I’m glad to read that you seem to have the worst behind you. I wish you’ll recover soon.

    …and what a luck that you didn’t get nerve damage!

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