Recovery continues…..slowly

Can’t get out and about much just now so not a great deal to write about.  We have had a couple of young Hares on the garden

My recovery progresses but on Friday I started to get numinous and pins and needles under my foot and pain between my knee and foot.  I called the hospital and they told my that I was doing too much too quickly and so I have to rest more.

I thought I would write a little about my operation….

Here is the x-ray that shows very well the slipped disc (marked with a red ring) that was causing all the problems (but the disc immediately below is slipped but on the opposite side of my back, so you cannot see so well).

This next picture is from my MRI scan and is a cross-section of my spine.  On the right you can see the nerve, but on the left (again marked by a red ring) the nerve is obscured by the disc compressing on it

Last week Teres’ sister changed the dressing on my operation so here you can see the operation location on my back

and here you can see the stitched.  The operation scare is about 5cms long

On Wednesday I go to my doctors surgery and they will remove the stitches.

I will write again when I have more to report.


4 thoughts on “Recovery continues…..slowly

    • I keep thinking about what happened to you every time I do something!! Hope life is good with you.

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