A party and a market

I think the is the first post I have written that has no photographs!!

On Saturday morning we travelled to Solberget Vildmarksby where it was their 10 year celebration.  There were games and activities during the day and then a meal which included a whole Reindeer that had been cooked for several hours over a fire and tasted delicious (thanks Lars-Thomas).

During the evening there was live music and then a disco.  We slept in our laavu, but as the disco went on until 04:30 we did not get much sleep.

Thanks to Dirk and everyone for a great day.

Later on Sunday morning we travelled to Jokkmokk for the Summer marknad.  It’s much smaller that the winter marknad, but also much warmer :>)

I was there to buy leather and knife blades but unfortunately there was no one there selling those types of items, but if you were looking for CD’s, Dvd’s or candy you were in luck (a sign of modern times I guess).


We did have a really nice meal in the Thai restaurant though and I would recommend it if you are ever in Jokkmokk.

More work on the cabin

I have been working on the cabin again at weekends, now I am feeling better.

We have had a lot of problems with the chimney; birds coming in, mortar disintegrating and loose bricks.  The smoke came out through holes in the sides of the chimney, and on windy days it could be difficult to light a fire

I decided to take down the chimney to just below the holes

and then put a metal cap over the chimney.  I had designed a frame which a friend welded together for me

Sebastian was keen to help with the construction project

I then pop-riveted a sheet of metal over the frame

I will cover the ends with wire netting so that birds do not come in

and I will cover the rest of the chimney with either metal or cement.

At pleasant evening beside a lake

Yesterday evening I took Emma out fishing with me to a local lake.

Emma played in the forest while I was fishing, but then I gave her some matches and asked her to try and make a fire.  She thought I was joking at first, as this is something she had not done before.  She had already gathered tinder as we walked to the lake and there were lots of dead branches laying around, so she had everything she needed.

Just as she started preparing the fire, I caught a Rainbow Trout, and suggested we cook it directly over her fire.  “But we have no cooking utensils she said”.  “We don’t need any I said, you will see once you get the fire going.”

Emma made fire successfully and while she was tending the fire I prepared the fish

Emma was so pleased that she had made her first fire

I placed the fish over the fire

and after 10 minutes it was cooked

We ate the fish with fresh picked Hjortron/Cloudberries.

A Karesuando home remedy

This is one of the home remedies that we learnt about while in Karesuando.  It is a hair tonic and shampoo made from Birch leaves and when used regularly, it treats scalp conditions, promotes hair-growth and generally conditions the hair.

It is very easy to make.
You collect Birch leaves in August in Karesuando (so maybe during September in the UK) put them in a jar with an air-tight top.

You then add warm (NOT HOT) water and leave to cool for about 8 hours, shaking periodically.  After 8 hours you remove the leaves and it’s finished.

You only require a small amount in your hand when you wash your hair, but it does not lather!!

A relaxing weekend at the cabin

I have started working full-time now and am finding it much easier to get around and do things.  At the moment I am building a new website for Nattavaara Hembygdsförening and this have given me ideas for a new look to this site, which I will be developing.

Last weekend we were at our cabin.  Teres’ cousin and here family were staying in a camper-van there also.  Friday was my first day free of medication for three months and so I enjoyed a couple of beers.

During the night and early morning I heard strange noises in the chimney.  I thought at first it was a mouse, but then realised it was a bird flapping on the chimney damper.  I made a net to catch the bird with out of a net curtain and then opened the damper and two House Martins (Delichon urbicum) dropped out and flew around.

house martin kevin warrington

I caught them both and released them to join a large number of House Martin’s flying around over the cabin.

house martin naturallore

On Saturday evening myself and Teres drove to a large stream to do some fishing.  Even with mosquito repellent, the mosquitoes were horrendous!  It is the worst year for mosquitoes here for several years  and after only a few minutes, the effect of the repellent stops working and clouds of them descend upon you.

We fished at various locations along the stream for a couple of hours.  I caught a Pike and Teres caught a Grayling.  The Grayling we took back to the cabin, where I made an improvised smoker, with Juniper added for flavour

I made a fire inside the stove I made last year and placed the tin onto the stove.

We will be back to the cabin next weekend.