A relaxing weekend at the cabin

I have started working full-time now and am finding it much easier to get around and do things.  At the moment I am building a new website for Nattavaara Hembygdsförening and this have given me ideas for a new look to this site, which I will be developing.

Last weekend we were at our cabin.  Teres’ cousin and here family were staying in a camper-van there also.  Friday was my first day free of medication for three months and so I enjoyed a couple of beers.

During the night and early morning I heard strange noises in the chimney.  I thought at first it was a mouse, but then realised it was a bird flapping on the chimney damper.  I made a net to catch the bird with out of a net curtain and then opened the damper and two House Martins (Delichon urbicum) dropped out and flew around.

house martin kevin warrington

I caught them both and released them to join a large number of House Martin’s flying around over the cabin.

house martin naturallore

On Saturday evening myself and Teres drove to a large stream to do some fishing.  Even with mosquito repellent, the mosquitoes were horrendous!  It is the worst year for mosquitoes here for several years  and after only a few minutes, the effect of the repellent stops working and clouds of them descend upon you.

We fished at various locations along the stream for a couple of hours.  I caught a Pike and Teres caught a Grayling.  The Grayling we took back to the cabin, where I made an improvised smoker, with Juniper added for flavour

I made a fire inside the stove I made last year and placed the tin onto the stove.

We will be back to the cabin next weekend.


3 thoughts on “A relaxing weekend at the cabin

  1. Great to hear the back is mending at last, sounds like you’ve been through hell with it. Can I ask a quick question please- what mosi repellent do you normally use or recommend? Planning a canoe trip in Sweden and I’ve heard the mosquitoes can be hellish! I’ll be taking a head net.
    Thanks and best wishes.

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