At pleasant evening beside a lake

Yesterday evening I took Emma out fishing with me to a local lake.

Emma played in the forest while I was fishing, but then I gave her some matches and asked her to try and make a fire.  She thought I was joking at first, as this is something she had not done before.  She had already gathered tinder as we walked to the lake and there were lots of dead branches laying around, so she had everything she needed.

Just as she started preparing the fire, I caught a Rainbow Trout, and suggested we cook it directly over her fire.  “But we have no cooking utensils she said”.  “We don’t need any I said, you will see once you get the fire going.”

Emma made fire successfully and while she was tending the fire I prepared the fish

Emma was so pleased that she had made her first fire

I placed the fish over the fire

and after 10 minutes it was cooked

We ate the fish with fresh picked Hjortron/Cloudberries.


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