More work on the cabin

I have been working on the cabin again at weekends, now I am feeling better.

We have had a lot of problems with the chimney; birds coming in, mortar disintegrating and loose bricks.  The smoke came out through holes in the sides of the chimney, and on windy days it could be difficult to light a fire

I decided to take down the chimney to just below the holes

and then put a metal cap over the chimney.  I had designed a frame which a friend welded together for me

Sebastian was keen to help with the construction project

I then pop-riveted a sheet of metal over the frame

I will cover the ends with wire netting so that birds do not come in

and I will cover the rest of the chimney with either metal or cement.


2 thoughts on “More work on the cabin

  1. Hi Kevin.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading you blog. I grew up in forests of northen Michigan in the US but now live a busy city. Reading your blog is one of my ways in reclaiming the peace of nature. Keep up the writing and pictures!!


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