A party and a market

I think the is the first post I have written that has no photographs!!

On Saturday morning we travelled to Solberget Vildmarksby where it was their 10 year celebration.  There were games and activities during the day and then a meal which included a whole Reindeer that had been cooked for several hours over a fire and tasted delicious (thanks Lars-Thomas).

During the evening there was live music and then a disco.  We slept in our laavu, but as the disco went on until 04:30 we did not get much sleep.

Thanks to Dirk and everyone for a great day.

Later on Sunday morning we travelled to Jokkmokk for the Summer marknad.  It’s much smaller that the winter marknad, but also much warmer :>)

I was there to buy leather and knife blades but unfortunately there was no one there selling those types of items, but if you were looking for CD’s, Dvd’s or candy you were in luck (a sign of modern times I guess).


We did have a really nice meal in the Thai restaurant though and I would recommend it if you are ever in Jokkmokk.


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