The first snow has arrived

Yesterday at about 15:00 it started to snow

Emma was pleased and was quickly outside to make her first snowman of the winter

Someone slid off of the road and into the ditch outside our house and I’m sure there were many others who had the same problem.

Fortunately, this morning most of the snow had disappeared but I’m sure it will not be long before more returns!

Finishing off projects at the cabin

Last weekend the window was completed (we just need to decorate now).

Here is the view from the window early in the morning

This is the view from the cabin (the new window is on the left).

Here is a view of the new jetty from the lake, which I have now completed.

I found an old tyre which I have fixed on the side to help protect the boat and I have fitted an old metal ladder to the end of the jetty so that we can swim in the summer.

I have also made a trap-door

so that we can collect water from the lake without having to lean over the edge of the jetty

A new window in the cabin

Last weekends project at the cabin was to replace a small window overlooking the lake, with a much larger one; 2m x 1.4m.

Teres’ father was there to help and it was he that did the majority of the work.

We began by removing the fibre board that lines the inside of the cabin, which revealed the original panel wall

This wall supports the roof, so we had to cut away some of the panelling to enable us to insert  a 20cm x 50cm bearer over the new window to support the roof

Teres’ uncle was also there to help secure the bearer in place

Once the bearer was in place, we could remove the old window

Then we increased the size of the hole in the wall (the sawdust on the floor is used as insulation in the walls, floor and roof)

to accommodate the new window

The work was done over two days and unfortunately we had to leave before the window was in place, but Teres’ father sent this picture once the new window was in

Ingvar has continued to work on the window this week and we will see how it looks when we are at the cabin next weekend.

A new jetty at the cabin

Last weekends project at the cabin was to build a new boat jetty.

My friend Jon had helped me build a simple jetty in 2007 when we were there on holiday.

But after heavy rain and high water levels the jetty has been destroyed.

This wasn’t going to be an easy project to do on my own, but I had planned and prepared how I would do it.

My first task on Friday evening was to mix 12 buckets of cement to make a base  on which to build the jetty.  I inserted 2 steel threaded rods into the cement to use to fix the jetty to the concrete.

At 6am on Saturday morning I began construction of the jetty.  I wanted to build it above the water level (which is currently high) so I used two plastic cans to support the runners over the lake.

I needed to drive 95 x 95mm posts into the bottom of the lake the support the jetty and I was concerned that this would not be easy because there are many large stones in the bottom of the lake, but the first post went in straight and easy (I used the two clamps to adjust the post if it started to twist as I knocked it down).

The second post was much more problematical due to stones.  Eventually I managed to get it driven in, but not in the position where I wanted it to be.

It took 7 hours to get all the posts knocked in and then screw the decking boards in place.

I have made the jetty longer than originally planned, so as a result I did not have enough decking to cover the whole jetty.

On Sunday built a slip-way at the side of the jetty, using two halves of a telegraph post to make it easier to pull the boat up out of the lake.

I spent Sunday afternoon fishing, but caught nothing!

Fishing success in August

August was a good month for me fish wise.  I caught 21 Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (some I cooked directly over a fire, some I smoked and some I traded for items we needed), 7 Grayling Thymallus thymallus and two Arctic Char Salvelinus alpinus.

The Arctic Char is a member of the Salmonidae family and is similar in taste to its cousins trout and salmon. It also bears resemblance to the salmon, but it has a longer and more colorful body.

A new store room in the cabin

Another project I have been busy with at the cabin is the construction of a walk-in store room in an unused corner of the kitchen.

I constructed a 50mm x 50mm framework and covered it with panel.

Originally there was a sliding door between the two rooms in my cabin

and I used the door mechanism on the store room door

Here is the completed store room

Inside the store room on the right a built in a series of shelves

and on the left I made a hanging rail for clothes and a shoe stand