A new window in the cabin

Last weekends project at the cabin was to replace a small window overlooking the lake, with a much larger one; 2m x 1.4m.

Teres’ father was there to help and it was he that did the majority of the work.

We began by removing the fibre board that lines the inside of the cabin, which revealed the original panel wall

This wall supports the roof, so we had to cut away some of the panelling to enable us to insert  a 20cm x 50cm bearer over the new window to support the roof

Teres’ uncle was also there to help secure the bearer in place

Once the bearer was in place, we could remove the old window

Then we increased the size of the hole in the wall (the sawdust on the floor is used as insulation in the walls, floor and roof)

to accommodate the new window

The work was done over two days and unfortunately we had to leave before the window was in place, but Teres’ father sent this picture once the new window was in

Ingvar has continued to work on the window this week and we will see how it looks when we are at the cabin next weekend.


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