Exped downmat

I’m considering buying an Exped downmat for increased comfort and warmth after having had so much trouble with my back.

I am thinking about buying the Downmat 7 and would be grateful for any feedback from those who use a downmat.



13 thoughts on “Exped downmat

  1. I use the synthmat version so can’t comment on the insulation qualities of the downmat. But I will say, I have used the synthmat on some very very hard ground and I have never had such a good sleep at ground level. I can’t praise them highly enough. If the downmat’s insulation qualities are as good as I’ve heard, then you should be very happy with one.

  2. The Downmats have quite a lot of positive reviews in the backpacking community. I think it’d be a pretty good fit for you.

    I’ve been using multimat pads in winter (multimat.co.uk) – they’re not as plush if that’s what you need for your back, but some are rated down to -60°C.

    • Thanks Philippe. I have a couple of hammocks, but it’s not something I want to use at – 30 to -40 below. I want to use the mat in my laavu.

  3. I know a number of people with exped mats down and I think synthetic. I have only heard good things maybe apart from them being slightly more inconvenient to inflate.
    If stu sees this he might comment… he sleeps cold as I do now and thinks its the best thing he’s bought… You’ll need to dig deep into you pockets to buy one though Kevin OUCH!

    • Hi Dave. Thanks for this. It’s the cost that’s making me hesitate and the reason I asked for feedback here ;>) here.

  4. Hi, I invested in 2 of these. They were very delicate and both have sprung undetectable leaks. Without doubt the worst camping investment I have made. I am back on a thermarest and am delighted.

  5. Could be me Dave is referring to ! And yup the Synnmat is superb, coupled with the fact that you can help along the inflating by blowing into it which obviously you can’t do with down. A number of our group have the Exped down mat and speak highly of it though Pete Joker has had two fail on him. Hope that helps and good luck.

  6. Hi,
    My wife and I have used 6 of them in 2004 and 2005. They sleep perfect ,but all had the same problem: After about 2-3 months they started leaking. We had to pump them up every hour. 4 of them were replaced by Exped, the last 2 we gave away and bought cheeper calsic mats. We never have found the leaks. Even not by drowning them in a tub. Note, we both are low weight, and we never overpumped them. I have heared of other people who had the same problem. So it seemd to be the end of life time for these mats. I don’t know if the newer ones are better.

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