Delivering firewood to the Arctic Circle Portal

Malmensvägen (Iron ore road) is a ski, snowmobile & hiking trail along the road once used to transport ore from Gällivare/Malmberget to the coast at Strömsund, using both Reindeer and horses. If you follow Malmensvägen, you pass the Arctic Circle Portal, where there is a place to rest and overnight cabins.

Part of my job is to keep the wood store full for people staying at the cabins.  With help from firends in Nattavaara, we delivered a load of wood there yesterday.

We first loaded the wood on a trailer and drove 30kms from Nattvaaraby to the Portal.

Two friends have driven there by snowmobile and with their help we tranferred the wood from the trailer to a pulka and then they drove it to the cabins

It took 5 trips to get all the wood transported and then we stacked it in the wood store.

After the work was completed we made fire and cooked lunch and coffee in one of the cabins.

I first visited the portal as a tourist in February 2008

and at that time could never had imagined that I would leave the UK and move to Nattavaara and work there as a tourist guide.

The guy sitting in this picture is the person who’s job I have now, after he retired!


2 thoughts on “Delivering firewood to the Arctic Circle Portal

  1. Hi Kevin, I’m glade to read your life in Lapland from my computeur in France.

    I would like ask you, do you know any samisk representant for his culture and spiritual remaind. I have a friend whom is interested to keep contact with the samisk communauty.
    Have a good winter happy new year


    • Hi Florent, The Sami culture and way of life is fast disappearing. I do not know any representative that your friend could contact.

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