Chaga tincture

Recently I have made some Chaga tincture.  Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), also known as True Tinder Fungus

chaga natural lore

is renowned for its medicinal properties which include; anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and it helps to strengthen the immune system.

It is recommended that you crush the mushroom into a powder and use to make a tincture (a tincture is an alcohol extract), but I wanted to use the fungus after to teach firelighting, so I broke it up into small pieces and placed in a tar which has an air-tight seal.  I then covered the pieces of Chaga with 40% vodka.

chaga tincture recipe

I sealed the jar and left it in a dark cupboard for two weeks, agitating the jar everyday.  After two weeks I poured the jars contents through a coffee filter, into a bottle.

chaga tincture

Then I put the pieces of Chaga back into the jar and filled the jar with fresh vodka and repeated the hole process again.  Eventually I had a vodka bottle full with Chaga tincture.  The Chaga pieces I have dried and use for firelighting and some of the tincture I have transferred into small medicine bottles and I take a dropper full of tincture two times every day.

chaga tincture kevin warrington (Large)

Reindeer horn ice fishing rod

This will be my last post for a week or so as I am heading off to England for a few days (weather in England permitting).

I had the idea to make an ice fishing rod out of Reindeer horn, and after searching through my pile of horn, I found the ideal piece.  Having cut off the two ends of the horn, this is what I was left with

reindeer horn ice fishing rod natural lore

After a couple of hours work, this is how it looks now

naturallore horn ice fishing rod

I have started doing some basic engraving on the handle

horn ice fishing rod kevin warrington

I will be testing it when I return from England!

Busy weekend

The temperature was -22 on Saturday, but it was a lovely clear blue sky, so I decided to head out on the snowmobile.

snowmobile nattavaara

In the forest and along the rivers edge the sun was shining on the tops of the trees

rane alven nattavaara winter

On the marshes the sun was shining brightly!

winter marshes nattavaara

On Sunday it was cloudy, but only -6 degrees, so we decided to go ice fishing.

kevin warrington snowmobile

It was also a chance for Emma to try out the new kelka I am building, so that she can come with us when we go out on the snowmobile

kelka naturallore

It’s not yet completed because I do not have enough money the buy all the materials and so the back section in made from scrap pieces of wood.

skoter och kelka

The inside is lined with reindeer skins so that it will be warm inside.  I will write more about it once completed.

reindeer skin

This was also a chance for me to try out my homemade ice fishing rod

kevin warrington ice fishing

Emma also fished and Teres made fire

emma fishing

We cooked coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches

coffee and grilled cheese

I learnt a valuable lesson while fishing……I actually caught a nice sized Arctic Char, but I picked it up to remove the hook I dropped it and watched helplessly as it disappeared back down the ice hole!!!!  The lesson is to move the fish away from the ice hole before doing anything with it!!!

Homemade ice fishing rod

I decided to try making an ice fishing rod.  This is just a prototype and if it works well, I will improve the design.

homemade ice fishing rod

The rod itself is a piece of Willow (Salix).

The handle I have made by glueing together pieces of Birch bark onto the Willow rod.


The eyelet at the end of the rod I have made from a piece of reindeer horn, which I have then lashed to the rod.

ice fishing rod antler eyelet

For the “reel” I have made two pins from reindeer horn and drilled the rod and inserted the pins in.  The fishing line then wraps around between the two pins.

homemade ice fishing rod reel

I have not had the chance to try out yet, but will let you know how it goes!

Laleh in Nattavaara

Laleh Pourkarim is an Iranian-born Swedish singer-songwriter and former actress. She uses her given name Laleh as her stage name.  Her song “Some Die Young” was the most played song on Swedish radio in 2012.

Yesterday Laleh visited Nattavaara with a film crew who are making a film about her and her life.  They wanted to film her playing the piano in Hembygdsgarden (an old school).

Nattavaara Hembygdsgarden

I spent the  morning cleaning all the rooms and clearing snow outside the building.

At 1pm we started preparing food for their evening meal

preparing lunch nattavaara (Medium)

They were delayed filming at another location and did not arrive until 5pm.  After setting up film equipment

preparing filming (Medium)

and tuning the piano

tuning piano (Large)

they ate the meal we had prepared

laleh in nattavaara

They spent two hours filming  and recording her playing the piano and singing.

laleh playing the piano

We all had a great time and look forward to seeing the program on Swedish TV later this year.