Laleh in Nattavaara

Laleh Pourkarim is an Iranian-born Swedish singer-songwriter and former actress. She uses her given name Laleh as her stage name.  Her song “Some Die Young” was the most played song on Swedish radio in 2012.

Yesterday Laleh visited Nattavaara with a film crew who are making a film about her and her life.  They wanted to film her playing the piano in Hembygdsgarden (an old school).

Nattavaara Hembygdsgarden

I spent the  morning cleaning all the rooms and clearing snow outside the building.

At 1pm we started preparing food for their evening meal

preparing lunch nattavaara (Medium)

They were delayed filming at another location and did not arrive until 5pm.  After setting up film equipment

preparing filming (Medium)

and tuning the piano

tuning piano (Large)

they ate the meal we had prepared

laleh in nattavaara

They spent two hours filming  and recording her playing the piano and singing.

laleh playing the piano

We all had a great time and look forward to seeing the program on Swedish TV later this year.



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