Clearing snow from the cabin roof

Today myself, Teres and Emma have been to the cabin.

Teres and Emma with snowmobile

There was a lot of heavy snow on the cabin roof (105cms in depth) which had to be removed!

clearing snow from cabin roof

While we were on the roof clearing snow, Emma was busy making things out of wood

Emma woodworking

We had a break for lunch and sat outside enjoying the sunshine.

lunch at the cabin

It took us about 4 hours to remove all the snow from the cabin roof.  Here’s how it looked when I first arrived…

lapland cabin winter 2013

and here it is after we had finished.

kevin warrington cabin lapland


One thought on “Clearing snow from the cabin roof

  1. Thats some real snow compared to what we get here in Pennsylvania. This year so far i have not had to use my snow blower and our winter is almost over. Looking bforward to spring. Charles Finney Reading, Pa.

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