More fish and a new knife

I was out fishing again last weekend with our neighours

ice fishing lapland

On Saturday I caught a Rainbow trout using my “Pocket fishing kit” and on Sunday I caught an Arctic Char.

I have also completed another knife.

naturallore knife

The knife handle is made from Reindeer and Moose horn, Sallow root bur and leather.  The sheath is made from leather and Sallow root bur.

natural lore knife

The pocket fishing kit

Here’s the tutorial I promised last time.

The snuff container that I used has three separate parts; the top where used snuff bags are placed and the two main parts that hold the fresh snuff.

snuff container fishing reel

In the top section of the container you can store hooks, weights and spinners.

pocket fishing kit

You now need to buy a fishing line that is on a reel that fits inside the snuff container

pocket fishing kit naturallore

To make the roller for the reel I used a dowel, a plastic picture hook and a thick plastic washer.  I glued the plastic washer to the underside of the top half of the container.  I sanded down one end of the dowel so that it fitted into the plastic washer and screwed the picture hook on to the other end of the dowel (remove the three nails that are used to fix the picture hook to a wall).  In the picture below, the line and reel fit on the dowel, between the picture hook and plastic washer.

pocket fishing rod kevin warrington

I drilled a small hole in the side of the container (where the line comes out) and then installed a brass eyelet in the hole to prevent the line cutting into the plastic container.

mini fishing kit

The pocket fishing kit was then completed.

snuff container fishing rod

Testing a new ice fishing rod/reel

Today I have been out ice fishing (surprise surprise!).  I wasn’t just using my reindeer horn ice fishing rod, I was also testing a new ice fishing reel/rod that I have made using an old snuff container, which I call “The pocket fishing kit” (will be writing a tutorial to make this next time).

pocket fishing kit

The snuff container has a winder on the back to reel in or out the fishing line.

snuff container fishing rod

But did I catch anything……….?

Of course I did!!  I caught a nice Arctic Char with it and a Rainbow Trout and Arctic Char with my Reindeer horn rod.

arctic char

To cook coffee on the lake, I made a Swedish Fire Torch using four pieces of Birch.

swedish fire torch naturallore

The fire burns between the four pieces and your cooking pot is placed on top.

swedish fire torch kevin warrington

Once you have finished cooking, separate the four pieces and lay them down to stop the fire burning, and when you want to cook again, stand them up and start the fire again.

stopping fire torch burning

Another weekend fishing

On Saturday I took the snowmobile to my cabin.  I dragged a pulka behind the snowmobile, which contained my rucksack.

skoter och pulka

Last year all the small rodents were killed during the winter and so since then we have seen no evidence of small rodents, so I was surprised to find hundreds of small rodent tracks around the cabin.  The tracks belonged to shrews (didn’t manage to get a photo of one of the shrews unfortunately).

shrew tracks

The temperature had been -24 earlier in the morning, but laying out on the ice fishing it felt quit warm.

laying on ice

The sun is just coming up over the tree tops now

cabin with winter sun

On Sunday I went fishing with my neighbour Folke.  I caught 1 Rainbow trout.

Folke made fire on the ice using an oven tray

fire on ice

placed on two pieces of wood were we cooked coffee.

fire on ice-2 (Large)

Emma’s first Arctic Char

Last Saturday I went ice fishing alone, because it was snowing heavily and very windy.

I had a piece of pertex cloth in my bag which I used to make a very simple shelter.

ice fishing shelter-1 (Large)

I could not find any stones to use to anchor the guy-lines, so I used to small tool boxes that I carry in the snowmobile and they worked very well.

ice fishing shelter-2 (Large)

I spent two hours fishing but caught nothing!!

However, the previous weekend myself and Emma had ice fished with our neighbours.

snowmobile on lake (Medium)

It was not long before Emma caught her first fish; an Arctic Char.

emma with her first arctic char (Large)

She then amazed us by catching another!

emma with two arctic char (Large)

We caught nothing!!!