Emma’s first Arctic Char

Last Saturday I went ice fishing alone, because it was snowing heavily and very windy.

I had a piece of pertex cloth in my bag which I used to make a very simple shelter.

ice fishing shelter-1 (Large)

I could not find any stones to use to anchor the guy-lines, so I used to small tool boxes that I carry in the snowmobile and they worked very well.

ice fishing shelter-2 (Large)

I spent two hours fishing but caught nothing!!

However, the previous weekend myself and Emma had ice fished with our neighbours.

snowmobile on lake (Medium)

It was not long before Emma caught her first fish; an Arctic Char.

emma with her first arctic char (Large)

She then amazed us by catching another!

emma with two arctic char (Large)

We caught nothing!!!

One thought on “Emma’s first Arctic Char

  1. Cracking smile on Emma’s face!!!
    I see you still carry that piece of Pertex around with you Kevin!!! You’ve had that some years now.
    Atb Dave

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