Another weekend fishing

On Saturday I took the snowmobile to my cabin.  I dragged a pulka behind the snowmobile, which contained my rucksack.

skoter och pulka

Last year all the small rodents were killed during the winter and so since then we have seen no evidence of small rodents, so I was surprised to find hundreds of small rodent tracks around the cabin.  The tracks belonged to shrews (didn’t manage to get a photo of one of the shrews unfortunately).

shrew tracks

The temperature had been -24 earlier in the morning, but laying out on the ice fishing it felt quit warm.

laying on ice

The sun is just coming up over the tree tops now

cabin with winter sun

On Sunday I went fishing with my neighbour Folke.  I caught 1 Rainbow trout.

Folke made fire on the ice using an oven tray

fire on ice

placed on two pieces of wood were we cooked coffee.

fire on ice-2 (Large)

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