What a difference a day makes!

We were out fishing on Saturday.  It was cloudy and around 0 degrees.  Unfortunately the fish were not interested in our bait and only Emma caught a fish, but the fish got off the hook as she took it out of the ice hole.

On Sunday the sun was shining and it was + 10 degrees.  I had to work as there was going to be an outdoor church service at the Arctic Circle where we have a Polar Circle Portal (this a picture from summer 2010)

polar circle (Large)

It was a 40km drive with the snowmobile

malmensvagen (Large)

malmensvagen-2 (Large)

I stopped halfway for a coffee break.

cooking coffee in fire

We had a number of people who travelled by snowmobile to the church service

snowmobiles at polar circle (Medium)

We provided food for everyone, which was fried reindeer meat and vegetables

reindeer meat (Small)

There were about 30 people present for the service and everyone had a great time.

people at polar circle (Medium)

people at polar circle-2 (Medium)

The weather continues to be warm and the snow is melting very fast now.


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