Ltl Acorn Scouting Camera WINTER review

In January I received a Ltl Acorn Scouting Camera (model Ltl-5210A) from Mike at Wildlife Watching Equipment.  Mike was very helpful and even tested the camera for me before posting it to ensure there were no faults.  You can read about the camera’s specifications by clicking on the picture below.

live113847_cameraontree (Large)

The camera works like a security light.  PIR sensors detect movement and take a picture or video.

I had planned to use my camera out in the forest to capture pictures of animals that are not easy to get close to, such as Moose, Bear and Lynx but I have since found out that due to open access for all regulations here in Sweden, one must apply for permission to mount a camera in a specific location (which costs £300), and re-apply each time the camera is moved to a different location.  The only places were I can use my camera are on land that I own and that is where I have been testing the camera.

If you are interested to know what comes into your garden when you are sleeping or not at home, this is at great camera to use.

fox at night-1 (Large)

If you find tracks in the forest and are not sure what they are, this will also be a good way to find out.

The camera can take video/ and or photographs.  You can select how many seconds or minutes between each photograph also (I have it set to every five seconds).  All images are stored on an SD card.  The camera uses 8 AA batteries, but the camera uses so little power that I have not had to change the batteries at all and the camera still shows full battery.

There are three settings for the on/off button.  OFF when you are not using the camera, LIVE when the camera is set up in a location and TEST.  In test mode you can review pictures, alter camera settings via a menu or use the camera like a normal camera (press a button and take a picture (example below)


The camera also performed very well at temperature as low as -35 degrees C.

However, I was hoping for good quality pictures to use here and in magazine articles that I write and that appears to be beyond the capabilities of this camera, due to two major issues.

The first is exposure.  The white snow causes all of my pictures to be dark and there is unfortunately no setting in the menu to adjust exposure (This is why I am writing a Winter review just now and will then review the camera again in the summer when the snow has gone).


The second major issue is the focus, which also cannot be adjusted.  Unless the animal or bird fills the whole screen, the camera tends to focus on the background behind.

Red Squirrel-2 (Medium)

Red Squirrel (Medium)

Though I think in the picture the squirrel was a little to close to the camera!

Red Squirrel-3 (Large)

To resolve this problem you must have the background and animal close together, which is not often possible, but was with this Jay.

jay-1 (Large)


I am confident that the camera will perform better during the summer and even with the issues I have had, I have still managed to get some nice pictures.

mute swans

Great spotted woodpecker (Large)

reindeer (Small)

great tit flying


I feel that the camera does what it is designed to do and will meet the needs of most people, but does not meet my needs (in winter at least).  A software update which enables the use to adjust exposure would be a great addition.


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