A hot weekend at the cabin

Two weeks ago when staying at the cabin I took this wintry picture.

snowfall in may (Medium)

Last weekend we were at the cabin and after two weeks of exceptionally warm weather (which is still continuing now) with temperature up to 29 degrees in the shade, the same view now looks like this.

after two weeks (Small)

I spent most of last weekend dragging trees to the cabin, cutting them up and splitting them.

carrying logs (Small)

Wood from two years ago in our outside wood store

woods store-1 (Small)

had to be moved to our inside wood store to be used over the next year

wood store-2 (Large)

and then the new wood had to be stacked outside.

I spent quite a bit of time fishing but caught nothing.  So on Saturday night I put out my fish-trap in the lake and when I checked it next morning, there were fish in there.

perch in trap (Small)

There were sixteen Perch in total

a nights catch (Medium)

Most of them I put back in the lake because we did not need them, but the larger ones I kept.

5 days at my cabin – day 5

I had left my Little Acorn camera out overnight at the cabin to see if any animals came to visit.  I was surprised next morning to see that a Reindeer had been to visit in the middle of the night.little acorn camera reindeer

Myself and Erik walked in the forest.  We eventually decided to stop and make fire,

fire in the forest (Small)

and cook coffee and some lunch.

lunch in the forest (Small)

Close to where we made fire, we found a couple of really nice Birch burs.

birch bur (Small)

Later during our walk, we found a site where a fox had killed a Capercaillie.

fox kill (Medium)

I could not understand why there was a lot of mouse droppings in one are, but then realised that this was actually the crop contents and that this bird had recently been eating Birch leaf buds.

capercaillie crop contents (Medium)

We spent the afternoon fishing but again did not catch anything.

At 6pm we loaded our kit in the valp and Erik gave me a lift to my car.  As we drove along the track I had walked to the cabin on, I spotted fresh bear tracks.

brown bear tracks

The tracks were from the previous day and it was not a particularly large bear that had made them, so if we had travelled in the opposite direction the previous evening we might of seen it.

brown bear tracks-2 (Small)

5 days at my cabin – day 4

I spent the morning gathering wood and splitting logs.  Late morning I heard a vehicle and eventually my friend and neighbour Erik appeared.  He had been ploughing the road to our cabins with his military valp and it was nice to see that I would have some company.

military valp

He drove up to his cabin and made fire to get the cabin warm and then came to join me for coffee at my cabin.  Later in the afternoon we decided to try and walk across the marshes to another large lake.

kevin warrington lapland

There was still a layer of ice under the water so I wasn’t too difficult to get across to the lake.

frozen lake-2 (Large) frozen lake-1 (Large)

As we walked back across the marsh there were quite a few Wood Sandpipers, Spotted Redshanks and Greenshanks feeding there.  This Green shank sat up in a tree watching us.

greenshank lapland

We spent the evening fishing, but did not catch anything.

out fishing (Large)

Later in the evening we drove around in the forest (the Valp will go just about anywhere!!) looking for birds, Moose or bear but we only saw a Capercaillie.

laplander valp (Small)

New bird species for the year were a pair of Smew on the cabin lake, a Dunnock and a Rustic Bunting singing at the cabin.

5 days at my cabin – day 3

I decided to start my day off with a good breakfast.  Curry and cheese bannock bread, with fried sausage!

bannock bread breakfast (Large)

Most of the day was taken up finishing off the new ceiling.

celing completed (Large)

Over the fireplace, where rain water had leaked in before I bought the cabin a 2,4m long ceiling bearer was completely rotten.  I needed to replace it before the ceiling could be completed, but did not have anything long enough, so using my saw and axe

working with axe (Large)

I made a housing joint to connect two shorter pieces together.

beam joint (Large)

There were over 100 Bramblings feeding on seed I had put out and so a took a break mid-morning to take some photographs of them.



Because the walls and roof of the cabin (like most older properties here) is insulated with saw-dust, you get a continual fall of saw-dust when you are working.   To reduce the amount of saw-dust falling from the ceiling I have placed newspaper in all the gaps and open spaces.

paper around ceiling (Large)

Saw-dust falling all the time also meant that I got very dirty. So each evening after I had finished working,  I filled my solar shower with warm water and hung up out side the cabin so that I could shower and get clean.

outside shower (Medium)

The only new bird species today were a pair of Goosander.

5 days at my cabin – day 2

I awoke next morning and it was snowing heavily.   I estimated the time to be around 6am.

snowfall in may (Medium)

The main reason for my visit to the cabin was to remove the ceiling in the living room and replace it with a new one.

changing cabin ceiling-1 (Large)

After making breakfast I started pulling down the ceiling.

changing cabin ceiling-2 (Large)

I remembered that Teres had  little radio in the cabin, so I turned it on to listen and find out what the time was.  As I started fixing up the new ceiling panels the 8am news came on the radio.  This means that I had got up at about 4am!!!

changing cabin ceiling-3 (Large)

It took most of the day to get half of the ceiling completed.  The 3.6m panels kept bending as I tried to put them up and this made it very difficult to connect the tongue and groove joints.

I made a great tasting meal with food items I had available and thought I would write up the receipt;

1 tin of Cambells Mushroom soup, 1 tin Baked Beans, Carrot, leak, onion, pepper, mushrooms, 1 stock cube, pepper & mixed herbs, tomato ketchup, powdered soup an sausage.

I fried the sausage and vegetables in a little oil.  Then I added a water and seasoning and cooked for 10 minutes.  Then I added the soup and tomato ketchup and cooked everything for another 15 minutes.  Finally I added the beans and powered soup (to thicken the mix) and coked for five more minutes.

The snow had stopped late afternoon and after that there were both Spotted Redshank and Greenshank present on the marsh.  There was also a Restart singing in the evening.



5 days at my cabin – day 1

This year spring is very late.  We still have  a lot of snow and thick ice on lakes.  Almost identical conditions to when I spent three weeks at my cabin in spring 2008 (which was the best time I have ever had in my life) and each day there were new bird species that arrived and animals that appeared.  I wrote a daily log during my stay and the log begins here https://naturallore.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/spring-in-lapland-the-jouney-there/.

Because of the same weather conditions I was keen to get out to my cabin for a few days, so last Wednesday I went there.  Like spring 2008, it was not possible to drive to my cabin, so I had a 5km walk to get there.  I dragged a pulka behind me with some food and a few other items it and behind the pulka I had attached skis to enable me to travel over any deep snow.

kevin warrington walking to cabin

It was easy to drag my pulka where there was snow and ice, but it was very difficult to drag where there was only wet sand and gravel

track to cabin

I was sure that I would find bear tracks as I walked to the cabin, but I saw no sign of bear.  The last two and a half kilometres I was able to use skis and my progress was much easier and faster, although it still took 2 hours to get to my cabin (twice as long  as it usually takes to walk there).

Once I got to the cabin I made fire and gathered snow to melt for water.  The snow was very dirty and I had to filter all the water once cooked.  Some water I left outside to cool down to use for drinking water.  The only sound outside was a Mistle Thrush singing.

I realised that I had left part of my telephone charger in my car and as the battery was down to 20 percent, I decided to turn it off to use only for emergencies.


Paper rockets

On Friday evening we travelled to the cabin.  It wasn’t easy driving the snowmobile, because in some places there was no now, and in others there was deep snow, which the snowmobile sunk into.  I had to make two trips in to the cabin; one with Emma on the back of the snowmobile and then with Teres.

By the time we had made fire, got the cabin warm inside and cooked food, it was getting late so we went to bed.

Saturday was cold, with heavy showers of rain, sleet, hale and snow.

snowing-1 (Medium)

I spent the early part of the morning cutting up two Birch that had come down over winter.  When I started, the snow was hard enough to walk on and I used the snowmobile to drag large lengths of timber, but then both I and the snowmobile began sinking into the snow.  So I resorted to cutting smaller pieces and transporting them by dragging with the pulka.

wood on pulka (Medium)

Emma was bored in the cabin, so we made some paper rockets (many tutorials on YouTube)

papper rockets-1 (Large)

which were made to fit over a piece of plastic tube.  When you blow hard into the tube

papper rockets-2 (Medium)

the rockets fly across the room (the yellow streak you see in the picture below)

papper rockets-3 (Large)

we made different designs to see which flew the best.  Teres even made some paper birds for Emma to shoot down with the rockets

papper rocket target (Large)

In between snow showers

snowing-2 (Small)

we tested them outside and they flew surprisingly high.

I was a bit concerned as to how we would get back to the car, because the snow was now wet and soft.  Fortunately the sky cleared during the evening and at 4am when the temperature was -5 degrees and the snow nice and hard, I woke Teres and Emma, and we packed to leave.  I was reluctant to make two trips again so we put Emma in the pulka and drove out without any problems!

leaving cabin-1 (Medium)

emma in pulka