5 days at my cabin – day 1

This year spring is very late.  We still have  a lot of snow and thick ice on lakes.  Almost identical conditions to when I spent three weeks at my cabin in spring 2008 (which was the best time I have ever had in my life) and each day there were new bird species that arrived and animals that appeared.  I wrote a daily log during my stay and the log begins here https://naturallore.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/spring-in-lapland-the-jouney-there/.

Because of the same weather conditions I was keen to get out to my cabin for a few days, so last Wednesday I went there.  Like spring 2008, it was not possible to drive to my cabin, so I had a 5km walk to get there.  I dragged a pulka behind me with some food and a few other items it and behind the pulka I had attached skis to enable me to travel over any deep snow.

kevin warrington walking to cabin

It was easy to drag my pulka where there was snow and ice, but it was very difficult to drag where there was only wet sand and gravel

track to cabin

I was sure that I would find bear tracks as I walked to the cabin, but I saw no sign of bear.  The last two and a half kilometres I was able to use skis and my progress was much easier and faster, although it still took 2 hours to get to my cabin (twice as long  as it usually takes to walk there).

Once I got to the cabin I made fire and gathered snow to melt for water.  The snow was very dirty and I had to filter all the water once cooked.  Some water I left outside to cool down to use for drinking water.  The only sound outside was a Mistle Thrush singing.

I realised that I had left part of my telephone charger in my car and as the battery was down to 20 percent, I decided to turn it off to use only for emergencies.



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