5 days at my cabin – day 2

I awoke next morning and it was snowing heavily.   I estimated the time to be around 6am.

snowfall in may (Medium)

The main reason for my visit to the cabin was to remove the ceiling in the living room and replace it with a new one.

changing cabin ceiling-1 (Large)

After making breakfast I started pulling down the ceiling.

changing cabin ceiling-2 (Large)

I remembered that Teres had  little radio in the cabin, so I turned it on to listen and find out what the time was.  As I started fixing up the new ceiling panels the 8am news came on the radio.  This means that I had got up at about 4am!!!

changing cabin ceiling-3 (Large)

It took most of the day to get half of the ceiling completed.  The 3.6m panels kept bending as I tried to put them up and this made it very difficult to connect the tongue and groove joints.

I made a great tasting meal with food items I had available and thought I would write up the receipt;

1 tin of Cambells Mushroom soup, 1 tin Baked Beans, Carrot, leak, onion, pepper, mushrooms, 1 stock cube, pepper & mixed herbs, tomato ketchup, powdered soup an sausage.

I fried the sausage and vegetables in a little oil.  Then I added a water and seasoning and cooked for 10 minutes.  Then I added the soup and tomato ketchup and cooked everything for another 15 minutes.  Finally I added the beans and powered soup (to thicken the mix) and coked for five more minutes.

The snow had stopped late afternoon and after that there were both Spotted Redshank and Greenshank present on the marsh.  There was also a Restart singing in the evening.




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