5 days at my cabin – day 3

I decided to start my day off with a good breakfast.  Curry and cheese bannock bread, with fried sausage!

bannock bread breakfast (Large)

Most of the day was taken up finishing off the new ceiling.

celing completed (Large)

Over the fireplace, where rain water had leaked in before I bought the cabin a 2,4m long ceiling bearer was completely rotten.  I needed to replace it before the ceiling could be completed, but did not have anything long enough, so using my saw and axe

working with axe (Large)

I made a housing joint to connect two shorter pieces together.

beam joint (Large)

There were over 100 Bramblings feeding on seed I had put out and so a took a break mid-morning to take some photographs of them.



Because the walls and roof of the cabin (like most older properties here) is insulated with saw-dust, you get a continual fall of saw-dust when you are working.   To reduce the amount of saw-dust falling from the ceiling I have placed newspaper in all the gaps and open spaces.

paper around ceiling (Large)

Saw-dust falling all the time also meant that I got very dirty. So each evening after I had finished working,  I filled my solar shower with warm water and hung up out side the cabin so that I could shower and get clean.

outside shower (Medium)

The only new bird species today were a pair of Goosander.


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