A hot weekend at the cabin

Two weeks ago when staying at the cabin I took this wintry picture.

snowfall in may (Medium)

Last weekend we were at the cabin and after two weeks of exceptionally warm weather (which is still continuing now) with temperature up to 29 degrees in the shade, the same view now looks like this.

after two weeks (Small)

I spent most of last weekend dragging trees to the cabin, cutting them up and splitting them.

carrying logs (Small)

Wood from two years ago in our outside wood store

woods store-1 (Small)

had to be moved to our inside wood store to be used over the next year

wood store-2 (Large)

and then the new wood had to be stacked outside.

I spent quite a bit of time fishing but caught nothing.  So on Saturday night I put out my fish-trap in the lake and when I checked it next morning, there were fish in there.

perch in trap (Small)

There were sixteen Perch in total

a nights catch (Medium)

Most of them I put back in the lake because we did not need them, but the larger ones I kept.


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