A long weekend at the cabin

I worked on Friday which was a bank holiday here in Sweden, so I took Monday as a bank holiday instead and had three days at the cabin.  There isn’t that much to write about really because most of the time was spent inside the cabin completing work in the living room.

We have a corner now where we can wash and clean our teeth.

washing corner (Large)

I have made wooden architrave frames around the windows

window frame (Large)

and cut and fixed up architrave around the ceiling and around the top of the panel.  This wasn’t easy because nothing is square in the cabin and I could not just cut 90 degree angels in the corners.

cabin room completed (Large)

inside cabin-2 (Large) inside cabin-1 (Large)

My neighbours came to help me remove some tree roots from in frint of the cabin

removing tree roots (Small)

and we felled a large Spruce tree that had become rotten in the centre.


felling a large spruce (Medium)

Wallpapering and leveling the cabin

Last weekend we were at the cabin.  Teres spent Friday evening applying filler to the walls to ensure they were level, so that she could later apply wallpaper.

levelling cabin wall (Large)

On Saturday morning Teres glued a special thick wallpaper to the walls which also helps to create a flat surface to apply the actual wallpaper to.

Then on Sunday morning she started applying the wallpaper to the walls.

teres wallpapering

By late afternoon Teres have completed the wallpapering.

wall papered (Large)

room papered (Large)

Spent the weekend digging under both the cabin and sauna, and then using a bottle jack to raise up the cabin and sauna, to make them level.  In the picture below, you can see that the cabin has dropped slightly, though the veranda is level.

cabin movement (Medium)

Once raised up, I placed pieces of wood on the pillars to keep the cabin level.

raising cabin and sauna (Large)

I have also has my Little Acorn camera fixed to a tree at the cabin for three weeks, but the only picture it has taken is of this Pine Marten (Martes martes).

pine marten

Another weekend at the cabin, but not much to write about.

We spent three days at the cabin last weekend.  It rained on Friday and Saturday, but fortunately I spent most of the weekend work in the cabin.

I completed the work fixing tongue and groove panels to the walls and I fixed skirting boards around the floor.

panel completed (Large)

I also completed fixing up coving around the kitchen ceiling.  It can be small details that take so much time to complete, like joining two different types of coving in a corner.

coving joint (Large)

On Sunday the sun was shining and so I spent some time photographing birds including this Pied Flycatcher

pied flycatcher

and House Martins collecting mud to build their nests.

house martin-1 (Large)

house martin-2 (Large)

house martin-3 (Medium)

Another hot weekend at the cabin!

The temperature last Friday was 30 degrees C and and after working out in the heat all day, when we arrived at the cabin, both myself and Emma headed straight to the lake to cool off.

swimming in lake-1

Initially the water was cold, but after a couple of minutes it was warm and relaxing to be in the lake

swimming in lake-2

I spent most of the weekend working on the cabin.  This time I was fixing tongue and groove boards around the living room walls, one metre high.

wall panel in cabin

We will then have wall paper on the walls above the boards

wall panel in cabin-2

Emma was bored, so I asked here to draw a picture on the wall where the boards were going, and she also wrote about our family, so that in future years when the boards are removed, someone can read about who was living there before.

emma with wall painting

I put up a hammock as a chair on the veranda and Emma spent quite  bit of time sitting there birdwatching.

emma birdwatching from hammock

We have a pair of White Wagtails nesting under the cabin roof and they spent a lot of time catching insects.

white wagtail (Large)

There were also Black Grouse displaying nearby in the evening.

black grouse

We will be spending three days at the cabin this coming weekend.