Food and a food cellar

We have been at the cabin last weekend again.  We have painted the kitchen ceiling and I have started a new project.

Under the veranda we have a food cellar

food cellar (Medium)

During the spring when the snow melts and when it rains the cellar floor is very wet.  This moisture in the cellar has meant that the ceiling has rotted.  I have removed the ceiling

food cellar ceiling (Large)

and under the ceiling was 20cms of sawdust insulation which fell on to the floor.  I have cleaned out the cellar now and removed soil and stones.

inside food cellar (Large)

I will build up the floor level with gravel to help water drain away and I have dug a plastic pipe under ground to help remove water from the cellar.  You can see the end of the pipe in this picture.

cellar drainage pipe (Small)

When we want to fetch food from the cellar we must go out of the cabin and walk around to the cellar (in winter this isn’t possible due to all the snow), but now I have decided to make a trapdoor in the cabin floor with a staircase down to the cellar making it much easier to fetch food.

This is the staircase that I am building.

building staircase to cellar-1 (Large)

building staircase to cellar-2 (Large)

I cooked the evening meal on Saturday.

cooking food (Large)

The main course was bolognese

bolognese (Large)

For the second course I cooked apples and rhubarb in a saucepan

rhubab and apple (Large)

Then I smashed up digestive biscuits and mixed with brown sugar to make a crumble topping

crumble (Large)

and baked in the oven for 20 minutes and we ate this with whipped cream!

rhubab and apple crumble (Medium)

I had planned to do much on Sunday, but unfortunately when I was sitting at the table eating breakfast I got a sharp pain in my back.  I am hoping that it is just muscular pain but even now I cannot do a great deal.  Hoping it will be better soon!


2 thoughts on “Food and a food cellar

  1. Renovationprojects allways give a lot of work, but also satisfaction.
    The idea with the trapdoor is a good one and I’m glad you showed the pictures of the stairs in progress. Gives me an idea how to do them myself soon.
    Take care of your back!

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