Work and a little play

I have had to work over the weekend, so haven’t had much chance to get out and about.  However, I did get out into the forest with Barbara and Karine on Friday evening.  Each summer we have people from all around the world who come to Nattavaara to spend their summer working and running our summer café.  Barbara and Karine were here two years ago and enjoyed it so much they are back again, so on Friday evening I took them out into the forest and cooked an evening meal for them over the fire.

barbara and karine with fire (Small)

They grilled some sausage over the fore while we were waiting for the food to cook.

barbara and karine (Medium)

I cooked a meat stew, bannock bread, popcorn and bananas with chocolate.  They enjoyed the food, but not all the mosquitoes!!

On Saturday we have Nattavaara’s Hembygdsdagen, a gathering for those who live or who have lived in Nattavaara.

summer cafe (Medium)

It rained heavily during the day unfortunately, but there were still a lot of people there to buy homemade cakes and bread.

bread and cakes sale (Medium)

In the evening we had an outdoor pub but I didn’t take any pictures because I was drunk!!

nattavaara summer cafe (Small)


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