Replacing the first side wall in the veranda

Last weekend I was at the cabin again and this time I needed to remove and rebuild one of the side wall in the veranda.  In addition to a window, I also had to remove a door and door frame.

removing side wall-1 (Large)

I took four hours to remove the wall

removing side wall-2 (Large)

Once removed, it was time to start building the new wall which would contain a 2m x 1m double-glazed window.

building new side wall-1 (Large)

Here is the view from the outside…

building new side wall-2 (Large)

The black covering is a thick paper which is impregnated with bitumen.  It prevents drafts but also allows the walls to breath.

I did not get the outside of the wall completed because I unfortunately ran out of boards.  There was also no one around to help lift in the glass for the windows, so I have had to cover the hole with plastic.

building new side wall-3

I’m hoping that after next weekend, I will have the majority of work completed.


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