The first snow has arrived

Yesterday we had some rain and sleet showers and the temperature last night was -3 degrees.

This morning when I got up, it was snowing and it continued to snow for most of the day.

nattavaara snow 2013

This evening however, the snow turned to rain.   We are hoping that the temperature does not drop again tonight, and the rain freeze.

Back from my trip to England

I returned yesterday from my trip to England.

Unfortunately my dad wad taken ill (he’s getting better now) so I did not get the chance to visit anyone, and there’s not really much to write about from my trip.

The weather forecast is saying that we might get snow here in the morning, but I do not think so.

Yesterday a Brown Bear was shot just outside Nattavaara.  It weighed 125kgs.






Veranda work completed….for this year.

Fortunately we had great weather over the weekend, though it was cold at night and in the early morning.

autumn sunshine over lake

My first job was to cut to length and fit a door frame.  Before I could fit the door, I had to remove the old wall.

completing veranda-1 (Medium)

Once the outer wall was removed, I was able to fit the door into the frame.

completing veranda-2 (Medium)

Here is the view from outside.

completing veranda-4 (Medium)

Here is the view inside the veranda from the door.

completing veranda-3 (Large)

The veranda is now insulated and water tight and ready for the winter. The inside of the veranda will be finished next year when I have saved more money.

completing veranda-5 (Medium)

Emma was worried about the pair of White Wagtails that used to nest in the old roof, so we built a nest box under the roof for them when they return next spring.

white wagtail nestbox (Large)

Veranda still not completed.

I have spent three days at the cabin and was hoping to get the veranda completed.  Unfortunately, due to a number of small problems that took a significant amount of time to fix, I still have much work to do and only one more weekend to get everything done (I will not be able to visit the cabin during the rest of September because I am visiting the UK).

The glass I am using in the windows is a 7mm thick security glass.  I was given the glass in aluminium frames by a friend.  They were removed from an old supermarket store.

glass for windows (Medium)

Once I have built the outer frame of the window.  I build an inner frame on the outside of the window which includes sills above and below the window.

building window outside view (Medium)

I put draft excluder around the inside before inserting the glass in the frame, against the draft excluder.  I then make another frame which will sit between the two panes of glass and push the second glass in against this.

building window (Large)

Finally I build a frame around the inside to hold the second glass in place and the window is completed.

Here’s the completed window

veranda outside view (Medium)

Here is the window I have built in the opposite wall ( a door and frame will be fitted next to this window, but that’s the main job I didn’t get completed)

window in side wall (Medium)

An example of problems encountered was one piece of glass which was slightly wider at the top, than at the bottom.  Fortunately a few weeks ago my neighbour gave me a tool (which I never imagined I would need) which cuts a groove into a piece of wood (anyone know what it’s called?).  After cutting a deep groove in to the frame, the glass fitted perfectly, but it took a lot of time to get it right.

mystery tool (Large)

I have insulated the inside of the cabin and the floor.

lining veranda (Large)

Here’s how the veranda is looking from the outside

cabin veranda outside (Medium)