Veranda still not completed.

I have spent three days at the cabin and was hoping to get the veranda completed.  Unfortunately, due to a number of small problems that took a significant amount of time to fix, I still have much work to do and only one more weekend to get everything done (I will not be able to visit the cabin during the rest of September because I am visiting the UK).

The glass I am using in the windows is a 7mm thick security glass.  I was given the glass in aluminium frames by a friend.  They were removed from an old supermarket store.

glass for windows (Medium)

Once I have built the outer frame of the window.  I build an inner frame on the outside of the window which includes sills above and below the window.

building window outside view (Medium)

I put draft excluder around the inside before inserting the glass in the frame, against the draft excluder.  I then make another frame which will sit between the two panes of glass and push the second glass in against this.

building window (Large)

Finally I build a frame around the inside to hold the second glass in place and the window is completed.

Here’s the completed window

veranda outside view (Medium)

Here is the window I have built in the opposite wall ( a door and frame will be fitted next to this window, but that’s the main job I didn’t get completed)

window in side wall (Medium)

An example of problems encountered was one piece of glass which was slightly wider at the top, than at the bottom.  Fortunately a few weeks ago my neighbour gave me a tool (which I never imagined I would need) which cuts a groove into a piece of wood (anyone know what it’s called?).  After cutting a deep groove in to the frame, the glass fitted perfectly, but it took a lot of time to get it right.

mystery tool (Large)

I have insulated the inside of the cabin and the floor.

lining veranda (Large)

Here’s how the veranda is looking from the outside

cabin veranda outside (Medium)



4 thoughts on “Veranda still not completed.

  1. Well my friend, what you have there is a stanley #71 router plane. Its a fantastic tool often used my hand tool woodworkers. Got an old stanley as well as a new Veritas model myself.

    Windows look great!

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