Veranda work completed….for this year.

Fortunately we had great weather over the weekend, though it was cold at night and in the early morning.

autumn sunshine over lake

My first job was to cut to length and fit a door frame.  Before I could fit the door, I had to remove the old wall.

completing veranda-1 (Medium)

Once the outer wall was removed, I was able to fit the door into the frame.

completing veranda-2 (Medium)

Here is the view from outside.

completing veranda-4 (Medium)

Here is the view inside the veranda from the door.

completing veranda-3 (Large)

The veranda is now insulated and water tight and ready for the winter. The inside of the veranda will be finished next year when I have saved more money.

completing veranda-5 (Medium)

Emma was worried about the pair of White Wagtails that used to nest in the old roof, so we built a nest box under the roof for them when they return next spring.

white wagtail nestbox (Large)


5 thoughts on “Veranda work completed….for this year.

  1. What wonderful work you have done. You will soend many hours watching birds from the verandah in the warm.

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