Preparing for winter

Last weekend we were at the cabin and there was much to be done.

Logs had to be split and I had to build a new store for the logs.

wood store (Medium)

Emma helped to carry the split logs (some of which were almost as big as here).

emma carrying wood (Large)

There were also a lot of branches

clearing branches (Small)

that had to be gathered up and burnt.

burning rubbish (Small)

Emma and myself had a boat building competition.  First boat to cross the lake won……it was hers!!

boat race (Large)

I found a new bird species for the cabin list and a significant record for the north of Sweden.  On both Saturday and Sunday at around 2pm a party of 10 Long-tailed Tits (Aegithalos caudatus caudatus) appeared, moving briskly through the tree-tops.  It is very very rare to find them inside the Arctic Circle!

I did not manage to get a photograph, but you can click this link to see some pictures.



4 thoughts on “Preparing for winter

  1. I love long tailed tits!!!
    They’re the punk rockers of the bird world and have great family nurturing instincts!!!

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