A cold and snowy weekend

I travelled to the cabin on Friday evening at it was getting dusk.  There was a light covering of snow and there were many  animal and bird tracks.  I saw Capercaillie and Black Grouse  on the track to the cabin.

black grouse lapland

There was a full moon on Friday night and I used my new Panasonic camera to try and get a nice picture of the moon over the cabin.  The quality of Panasonic cameras seems to be declining as the camera had problems to focus in the dark!

cabin by moonlight

I snowed on Friday night and at 7am on Saturday morning the temperature was -13 degrees C.

view from window-1 (Medium)

Where a stream flows into the lake there was still open water

view from window-2 (Small)

so I made a hand fishing-line using a plastic bottle and tried to catch fish…unsuccessfully!

handline fishing (Medium)

Teres’ dad had made some nest boxes for me which I fixed to trees ready for nest spring.

nestbox (Small)

I’m having a problem with moisture/ice between the panes of glass in the windows I made  and I wonder if anyone can suggest how to stop the problem?  You can see the problem in this picture.

ice between glass (Large)


7 thoughts on “A cold and snowy weekend

  1. Basically you need to really seal the windows (difficult in winter) or put something between the panes to absorb moisture.
    The old way was to have dual windows, one opening out and one opening in. In Norway and Sweden I’ve seen moss between the panes in old houses.
    How about something that would wick the moisture from the gap to the warmer interior where it could dry?
    There’s got to be somebody out there with a good solution !!

    • To have an airtight seal you must have a vacuum between the two panes of glass and that’s just not a realistic option. However , I am told that if air is allowed to pass between the two panes, this also eliminates moisture, but no one here is able to explain how to do that!

  2. I have what are called storm windows (in the US) and they do the same thing when it is cold. There is not a seal between the windows.

    There is no easy way to prevent it unless you have a gas tight seal and there is a vacuum between the panes.

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  4. Dear Laplander,

    Richard (Dick) Proenekke, somewhat of a legend in outdoors-land, solved this by inserting a small bag of silica-gel between the panes of the window in a self-made cabin he used to live in during Alaska’s winter while retired.

    You have probably seen these little bags when unboxing electronic equipment (camera, radio).

    I hope this can solve your problems too.

    Kind regards,
    Sebastiaan Koreman
    The Netherlands

    • Good idea Sebastian. Traditionally here they place lichen between the two pieces of glass

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