Toyota Avensis warning!!

I’ve been wanting a Toyota car for a long time and just before Christmas I found a used Toyota Avensis from 2002 at the right price, for sale in a garage in Kalix.

toyota avensis warning

The engine in the Avensis was a 1,8l WT-i.

toyota avensis engine problem (Large)

When I purchased the vehicle I noted that the oil was on the minimum mark and the saleman put more oil in the engine as I had 1 150km drive home.  After driving the car for a week and having covered a distance of about 1000kms, I noticed that the oil level in the engine was low again.

A search on the internet gave many results relating to many people having had the same problem (apparently the cylinders where drilled a little too large) and infact Toyota had recalled many cars with this engine model during the warranty period and replaced the engines (15000 in Sweden alone).  Unfortunately mine was not one of these.  Tomorrow I have to drive the 150km journey again to return the car and get my money back.

I must make it clear that this issue was fixed as far as I am aware in 2003 and so it is only 1,8l WT-i engines prior to 2003 that are prone to this problem.

I am really disappointed that I must return my Toyota, but I have now bought a 2,0l Nissan Primera, which I hope will be problem free!!



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