A couple of hours ice fishing

My neighbour asked if I wanted to go ice fishing with him last Saturday.  Because I cannot drive a snowmobile at the moment, I travelled to a local on his.

It was nice to get out in the spring sunshine and although neither of even had a bite, we made fire

ice fishing in lapalnd

and enjoyed the sunshine

fishing lapland

Tracking article for The Bushcraft Magazine

I’m unable to work at the moment and can’t get out and about to do a great deal, so I have written a new article for “The Bushcraft Magazine” featuring pictures and descriptions of some interesting tracks and sign that I have found  in snow here during the past four winters.

The article will most probably feature in the next issue of the magazine due out in the spring.

This and that

Last weekend I made a hard leather case for my EKA Super Swede folding knife.

super swede case-1 (Small)

I had three small scrap pieces of leather that I use to make knife sheaths and had to sew them together to make enough leather.  It was dark when I made this so the stitching isn’t so good quality.

super swede case-2 (Small)

I have bought another car and I hoping this one will be problem free (for a while at least).  Its a Subaru Legacy, 4 wheel drive.

subaru legacy

and finally a couple of pictures of a Siberian Jay that I took today.

siberian jay-1 (Small)

siberian jay-2 (Small)

Another spell of bad luck

I wrote recently about the problem I had had with a Toyota Avensis that I bought https://naturallore.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/toyota-avensis-warning/.

I then bought a Nissan Primera, but a couple times the car would not start.  When I took the car to a Nissan garage they found a problem with the key, but also found that the cam-chain needed changing and that the top head gasket was damaged and coolant had leaked into the engine!!  Eventually I got my money back from the garage where I bought the car, but now I ahve no car!!

Last week I went to see a doctor and he told me that I have a hernia and that I must have an operation in the next few weeks.  This means I will not be able to do anything for 2 – 4 weeks, including driving my snowmobile, ice fishing, skiing and holding Kelly!!

I did manage to get out last Sunday and spend a couple of hours ice fishing.  I caught a nice sized Rainbow Trout.

rainbow trout 2014 (Large)