Crisp Bread

I tried making my own crisp bread last weekend and the end result was very pleasing.

The ingredients are as follows;

2dl maze flour

1/2dl sesame seads

1/2dl linseeds

3/4dl sunflower seeds

1/4dl pumpkin seeds

1/2dl olive oil

2 1/2dl boiled water

salt flakes

20140403_110029 (Large)

First put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly

20140403_094257 (Large)

Add the boiled water and mix into a paste and spread over greaseproof paper in a baking tray.  Score with a knife to make it easier to divide into pieces once cooked and sprinkle a little salt over .

Place in the oven (pre-heated to 150 degrees) and leave for about one hour, until the mixture has hardened.  Remove and allow to cool.

20140403_112425 (Large)

20140403_112433 (Large)


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