Snow Buntings

The new contract mobile phone I have received (A Samsung Galaxy Express 2)  has NFC – Near Field Communication, as does my Panasonic TZ40 camera.  By touching the two devices together I can then operate my camera remotely via my telephone.  In the picture below you can see my camera out on the snow

P1010050 (Large)

Sitting in my car I can then see on my telephone, what my camera is seeing and using the Panasonic Image App I can fully control the camera via my telephone.

P1010051 (Large)

Here are the end results of some pictures I took of Snow Buntings..

snow bunting-1 (Large)

snow bunting-2 (Large)snow bunting-3 (Large)snow bunting-4 (Large)snow bunting-5 (Large)snow bunting-6 (Large)snow bunting-7 (Large)


6 thoughts on “Snow Buntings

  1. Thanks for sharing that with us, those pictures are really fantastic. probably a bit too techie for me!!

  2. What a coincidence! I am following your blog for a while and during our trip to Lomträsk last week we saw lots of these birds and I wondered for their name. We also heard during the night a bird always calling in a monotonous way uh uh uh. Perhaps you know what its name?

      • Thanks for the hint. This seems similar to me:

        Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa lapponica) 1:50 Matthias Feuersenger 2010-04-15 22:00 – 24:00 Finland North Karelia (District) 130 song
        Same bird as XC48205 later in the night,… more »
        [also] [sono]

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