A visit to A&E

I had a really bad cold last week and as a result, I had bad asthma.  On Monday when I got up I had difficulty to breathe and so I had to drive to A&E.  I was put on to a respirator to inhale ventolin mixed with oxygen.


After a short time my condition was greatly improved and a couple of hours later I was sent home.

They also discovered that I had a lung infection and with a course of antibiotics I and beginning to feel better now.

Winter weather

We are currently living in the cabin,  and yesterday it was a little like winter.   We had snow during the day and the temperature last night was -2 degrees C.


Emma made her first fire using a fire steel on Saturday


And on Sunday we caught a 1kg perch


Which we wrapped in wet newspaper and cooked in the fire


Finally a visit to my cabin – part 2

On Thursday the weather was warm and there were no mosquitoes, so we could sit out and eat.

lunch lapland

but the weather was not so good over the weekend, so we had to sit in the veranda

lunch in veranda (Medium)

Emma spent some time fishing, and we made fire to cook hot chocolate

emma fishing (Large)

She caught a nice sized Perch

emma with perch (Large)

We also spent some time carving.  Both Teres and myself made spoons, and Emma made a really nice butter knife.

P1000278 (Small)


Finally a visit to my cabin – part 1

Last weekend I was well enough after my operation, to visit my cabin, where we stayed for a long weekend.

Emma has a new box of tools and wanted to build a nestbox, so I found her some off-cuts of wood to use.

emma building nestbox (Medium)

She was very pleased with the end result!

emma nestbox-1

The birds were also pleased with it, because within 24 hours a pair of Pied Flycatchers had moved in.

emma nestbox-2 (Large)

We have several pairs in boxes around the cabin now.

pied flycatcher nestbox (Large)

In a box just outside the kitchen window we are fortunate enough to have a pair of Siberian Tit nesting.

siberian tit

House Martins spent the day gathering mud to build their own nests

house martin-1More soon….